I’m an Angel!?

I hardly know where to begin with this new award. It’s hard for me to envision myself as an Angel. I’m so many people you see. I go back and forth from being such a nice guy to being a jerk and from being happy and bright to sad and depressed so often with my Bipolar disorder. It’s difficult to see myself as an angel in anyone’s eyes, but I am in Dr Rex’s sight and it brings tears to my eyes. I’m so grateful for this look at myself that is so hard to take in and yet feels so good to receive. I’ve talked a lot about Dr. Rex on my blogs and I still find new things to say. I encourage you to go to her blog at: http://hrexach.wordpress.com/2014/04/03/a-new-award-the-angel-award/ and read what she has to say about this award.

It’s a testament to her character that she has been given this award and I can surely see why she has it. She does such a good job of “Being There” for so many of us. She is an Angel in the best sense of the word as I understand it. She loves her readers and her work and is passionate about how she presents it all to the world. She’s very kind and loving and truly cares about the world and its inhabitants. She is an Angel for sure! I’m very grateful to her for giving me this award. It’s a relatively simple one, with no particular rules, so I’ll just follow her excellent lead and say that if you’re reading this blog you’re nominated for this award by me. It means that you care enough about what I have to say to read my work and that makes you an angel in my eyes.

I’m so grateful for all the wonderful readers I have here on Naked Nerves even tho I know that it’s probably challenging for some folks to read some of the topics I write about. I try my best to be real and write about the things that affect my life and those of others who have Invisible Illnesses and how we cope in the world. It’s a hard row to hoe but it’s worth it to receive this kind of wonderful feedback from Dr. Rex. I’ll try my best to keep being an angel in the ways I’m able to and to take in the award and make it feel real to myself.

You’re just witnessing how hard it is for some of us to accept compliments when we’re not feeling our best or worrying that we’re fakes and phoneys. I feel that a lot, so getting this kind of feedback is important to me and it’s important that I “Get It” and rely on someone else’s vision of me instead of just my own. So in that vein I thank you again Dr Rex, for your kindness and vision in granting me this award. I will do my best to live up to what it can mean. Thank you to everyone who reads this and comes to visit my site as well. You’re all Angels and without you all I wouldn’t even bother to be here. You’re the reason for me to blog, and I value you all immensely. Together we build a better world, one blog at a time…

Keeping the Faith,


18 comments on “I’m an Angel!?

  1. My dear Steve … I totally understand about this “how hard it is for some of us to accept compliments when we’re not feeling our best or worrying that we’re fakes and phoneys.” … you have written the perfect way about how I feel some days. I mentioned this to my therapist and she said that even though we may not have all good days, the essence of our goodness is still there.

    You are an angel to my eyes. And thank you for the very kind words that you have said and continue to say about “yours truly” ….. Hugs!! Love …. ❤


    • Thank you for your understanding Dr Rex. It’s sometimes hard to accept all these fine awards I’ve been given, and I feel a bit overwhelmed by them all. I try my best to live up to the tenets of the awards and am grateful to you for your kindness and generosity in giving me so many of them. I guess we all feel unworthy at times and it’s good to have other people’s feedback on how we’re doing. Thanks for that a bunch. 🙂


      • Love ya Steve …. you are doing a great job. And none of us are perfect.

        We have troubles and tribulations. The important thing is to keep on dealing with them as best as we can .. and keep on going down the road that we have selected or the one that has been assigned to us.

        Hang in there …. there’s always a reason even though there are times we may not understand the “whys”.

        Hugs …. 😎


    • Thank you Kentucky Angel for your kind words. I’ll do my best to keep being an Angel to those I write for here. I’m glad you created this nice award. Good for you and thank you!


  2. I am happy and glad for you, Steve. The connectivity and response IS the Angel., transmitted both personally and transpersonally Thank you for what you bear, and for all that you do. With love from Jane x


    • Thank you Jane. You’ve given me a great way to look at this award and being an Angel. I like your interpretation a lot. It feels right… 😉
      much love to you also,


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