Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I’d like to thank Dan of Apothecary’s Garden for nominating Naked Nerves for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I feel very honored to receive this Award from such a great blogger and friend. I’ve been following and reading Dan’s blog, Apothecary’s Garden, for a long time now and I’m always inspired by his posts and what he has to say. He’s a wise man and is extremely knowledgeable about herbs and how to use them and about Nature and how to work with Her in a Good Way. He shows us how to make all sorts of healing salves and tinctures and other products that aid our well being and health. He uses an astrodynamic system of correspondence with astrology to aid him in knowing when to do what with the plants. I’ve done a bit of this myself and know it’s no easy task. You have to follow things right to get good results. Dan does this well and shows us how to do what he does. He is a true teacher and medicine worker and follows his heart to the fullest in his blog. He’s an excellent exemplar of what this particular award is all about – the theme of Loyalty. I talk more about that soon but I just want to thank Dan for giving me this award and for being so loyal to all his blogging friends and to his blog’s intent in what he does. Please do visit him at: http://apothecarysgarden.com/ and read what he has to say. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I am with his work of Medicine from a different perspective than we’re used to. I can’t thank him enough for honoring me with this award. Thanks for being there for us all, Dan!

As usual there are a few rules to the award. Here they are:

  1. Display the Award on your site

  2. Announce it with a post and link it to whoever gave you the nomination

  3. Present the award to several deserving bloggers and let them know about it

  4. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

I’ve already done the first so I’ll go now to the last one. It’s always a hard one for me and for others I’ve noticed. But since we all love to talk about ourselves I’ll make a stab at it…

  1. I love jelly beans and red licorice

  2. I’m a skeptical metaphysician

  3. I believe all Life is energetically interconnected

  4. I love blogging, but it sometimes overwhelms me

  5. I used to wildcraft herbs for a living

  6. I’ve worked at a lot of different jobs in my life

  7. I’m lucky to be alive after almost dying several times

OK, that wasn’t so bad eh? Now on to the Award and the nominees. As I understand this award it is given to people who show loyalty to your blog and work by visiting, following or commenting on your site. I also like Dan’s observation that it’s also about people being loyal to their own blogs and to their fan bases and readers. It’s all about Loyalty in its many guises. I’m proud to be considered for this award and I offer it to people I think embody these attributes well. All of the people I’ve nominated have been fans of my blog, and more importantly to me, they are loyal to their own work and their followers themselves. Loyalty has to start at home, so to speak, and these bloggers do just that in being so good to the folks who visit them. I have a huge list of people I could nominate for this award, but I’ve already given it to some of them thru my other blog about gardening, and others have just gotten too many awards or don’t accept them, so I won’t include any of them here. I have a small list but it’s a good one. I really value all these folks for their visits to me and for their own work with their blogs.

To the bloggers: It’s an honor for me to nominate you for this award, but if you don’t accept them I understand. It’s OK to say “Thanks but no thanks” if you don’t want it, tho I hope you do. I mean it as a compliment to you and hope that it’s not too much work for you to do. You can get info about putting the logo on your blog here at Lorraine Reguly’s blog: http://lorrainemariereguly.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/how-to-add-images-to-your-sidebar/. Other than that it’s just up to you to pick some more bloggers (the original says 15 but I don’t have that many so I changed it a bit, and 7 seems like a good number to me…), let them know and put the logo on your blog site. And answer those pesky questions about yourself… 😉 Keep up the good work, folks, and thanks for letting me nominate you for this great Award!

Here are my Loyal Nominees:

Getting Naked: http://owlofknowledge.com/

Blooming Spiders: http://bloomingspiders.com/

Under Reconstruction: http://karenwriteshere.com/

A Place Called Love: http://aplacecalledlove.wordpress.com/

Chasing Rabbits: http://nikarasco.wordpress.com/

Wrong With Life: http://wrongwithlife.wordpress.com/

Moviejoltz: http://moviejoltz.com/

There’s a lot of variety here in these 7 blogs and I hope you’ll take some time to visit them and enjoy their work as I have done myself. They all take pride in their work and I feel honored to be the one to tell them how cool they are thru this award. The awards are a great way to broaden your circle of friends and visitors and I encourage you all to get involved in them if you want to. It only makes the Circle wider here in WordPress and helps to create community here by our work together. Team players make this blogging experience worthwhile and take it to an ultimate purpose. Come and join the team…!

Peace and love to all of you,


PS. Sorry for the lousy formatting. I hope you can read this OK. I just can’t fix it! Sorry…

4 comments on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Thank you for your kind and generous words Steve. Meeting you here in the blogosphere was fortuitous. You have brought a greater sense of community to my blogging experience and set the bar for authenticity. I have learned a lot from you. You have done a wonderful job presenting the awards and passing them forward. Keep up he great work!


    • You’re very welcome for the words Dan. I could say the same things to you – you have made my blogging experience immeasurably richer and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for being yourself and for being so loyal to me and to your work.


  2. Hallo Steve, I haven’t forgotten the award(s) you so kindly gave me from your Gardening in Greenwood ; just been a bit busy with life. I shall address it as creatively as I can. It is a wonderful way to support, appreciate and gain more readers for each other.


    • No problem, Jane. Please take whatever time you need to do the award. It’s up to you how and when you do it. I understand about life getting in the way of blogging… The awards are a great way to connect with more people with similar interests, and different ones too.
      thanks for visiting me,


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