Going Within at Sun’s Return

Today is the day. A few hours ago the Cycle moved a notch and the Wheel turned and we started to begin the slow journey back to the Light. It’s been a dark time lately for many of us and it still is I know. But there’s a change in the air and it’s affecting us all, deep in our bones, as we go about our daily routines.

It’ll be a few days til we can see this change with the Light, as the sun revolves and the days get longer each day. Each day we have a chance to make new choices and to let go of the things that have been holding us back from our true selves. I know for myself I have a lot to let go of still, even tho I try to do it all year around. Aligning ourselves with the energies of the Cycle can help us if we just plug into them.

Today is the tipping point as I think of it. It’s the day when the energies are all beginning their slow turn toward the summer when it’s all bright out and the sun shines every day. We have to be out with the world more and deal with all the things that we’ve been putting off during this dark time. Maybe we should let them go first, ya think?

It may be getting lighter each day but we’re still coping with the fallout of the past few months of going into that darkness and it hasn’t left us by any means. It’s still in our deepest beings and we have to let it work in us and flush out all the detritus that has gathered in our psyches over the fall and into the winter.

I follow a calendar that changes with the cross quarter days- Mayday starts the summer, August the beginning of autumn, Halloween the start of winter and February the start of spring. So the Equinoxes and Solstices are actually the middle of each season to me. It may sound strange but millions of people have used this calendar over the centuries and it still works today.

So tho we’re at the beginning of the return of the light we’re still in the middle of winter and it won’t end till early February. By then when the groundhog can see its shadow again, we know that spring is coming soon and then we really have to be strong to stand the changes of that new growth. It may start small but it’s a grand scheme and it gets far more intense.

That’s why it’s so important to deal with the dark things now when it’s still dark out and in our psyches. We can access these things more easily now because they occupy our minds with dark thoughts and difficult ideas. It’s the time when we have the energy to go deep within ourselves and see those places where we hold all our darkest desires and passions.

It takes a lot of courage to do this. And it’s not easy to do at all. These things have often been with us for a long time, decades in some cases, but we know it’s time to let them go and we better do it now while we have the energies of the universe on our sides. It’s easier to go into the dark when it’s already dark. You’re more accustomed to it, so to speak.

I know it sounds crazy to think of purposefully going into the dark parts of ourselves. But it’s the way it has to be if you want to get over those things that have been holding you back from living your life. From being yourself, or in my case, from accepting myself. Lack of acceptance is one of those things that live in the darkness if it’s denied. You have to acknowledge it.

There are many things that live in that darkness – lack of self worth, hopelessness, self-hatred, despair, depression and all the rest of the things we deal with in our lives as people with mental illness. It comes with the  territory and it shifts as the seasons do in turn. Sometimes it’s easier but now’s not one of those times. It’s hard now.

I’m not suggesting that we should do things that are too hard for us, but I am saying that we have more working to help us now if we take advantage of it and use it to clear out the crap. We’re in alignment with the dark in ourselves now and it comes out daily for many of us unfortunately. But when it does what do you do with it? Do you let it take over or do you try to befriend it?

Befriending our dark places is the first step in coming to terms with them. Letting them be as they are and not trying to make them out as something they’re not is the best way to neutralize them. It’s difficult to do and I have a hard time of it myself but when I can do it I make great strides in my development. I can change myself if I try and make peace with myself.

There’s a theory that if we want peace in the world we first have to make peace with ourselves. That’s what I’m talking about here. Making peace with our deepest fears and lack of confidence. It can free up so much energy to do this if you can let it happen. What it takes is not necessarily an active process. It’s more of an allowing that has to happen.

So now as we start the journey back into the light we have a chance to allow our false selves to dissipate into the ether of our consciousnesses. Just let it go and be at peace with yourself. Sounds so easy doesn’t it? It’s not but it’s the path we all have to take to get to the other side of despair and depression. It can work if you allow it to.

Just be gentle on yourself and look within and see what you can find. Maybe you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make peace with yourself and with the world as a result of it. This is called the Season of Peace by many and we can plug into that energy too. It’s all part of the Cycle and if we align to it we can make our lives more comfortable. Give it a try…

Happy Solstice to you and yours,


5 comments on “Going Within at Sun’s Return

  1. Steve, this post is full of wisdom. I am going to read it a few more times. It makes me want to make the most of these dark days while they are here. Embrace them and take advantage of them while they are aligned with my own shadows and darkness. ( Instead of my usual knee-jerk reaction, which is to crawl under a blanket and hide till the spring and the Sun come back! :-D!
    This is a bright, refreshing take, on what is often the most challenging time of the year for many of us.
    But most of all, it is an empowering and practical approach to the dark, within and without, elegantly woven into the rhythms of Nature. I love it!
    Thank you!


    • Dan, Thank you so much for your kind and generous words. They mean a lot to me at this time. This has been a tough few months for me. I decided it was time to take things in hand and speak to some of my core beliefs about the nature of my realities. I try my best to follow the changes of the seasons as they occur and to align to the energies inherent in them. When my Bipolar cycles align with the cycles of Nature I can get a lot of work on myself done in harmony. When it’s all dark I Am Darkness and I thrive in it if I allow it to just be and not try to fix it. Balance is difficult but it’s the Way of the Tao and it gives me much comfort in my ever shifting moods. Thank you again for visiting and brightening my day… 😉


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  3. Wonderful post of the challenge of real peace. You say, “befriending our dark places.” It makes me too, want to make the most of my dark interior winter days, as the light moves through them, with nature.


    • I’m still working on this process. I suspect I will for years. It’s really a lifetimes work I believe, but is so rewarding, if a bit scary at times… Thank you for your visit and your understanding of what I was trying to say. I appreciate your words very much.
      All the best to you on your own journey thru the darkness,


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